Now that you have an understanding of why you should purchase a GRADE-MAX or SKID-MAX Grader from Seal Built llc. Let 's get familiar with the UP-GRADES and options that are available to customize /modify your grader for better results regarding your specific needs. Here you will find a list of each of our available upgrades and there benefits. We hope this information will help you decide to purchase the highest quality, most effective and efficient grader on the market, a GRADE-MAX or SKID-MAX grader from Seal Built llc. 

Adjustable Cutting Edge Upgrades
Manual Adjustable

Our Manual Adjustable Grader provides you the option to manually adjust the cutting assembly to either straight or angled by simply removing two bolts from the right side and then line up the holes and replace the bolts. Manual Adjustable models actually have the most configurations for cutting assemblies. Both can be straight for leveling, landscaping, spreading and grading parking areas. Both can be angled for grading and crowning roads. The front can be angled and the back straight for cutting and leveling hard material and grass-covered material (the front blade being angled slices thru material easier than a straight blade).  Or, you can remove the back cutting assembly and turn it around and bolt it back in so that it will back drag, smooth and compact loose or wet material. 

Hydraulic Adjustable

Our Hydraulic Adjustable grader allows the operator to adjust the cutting assembly from their seat using the tractor’s external hydraulics. You can adjust these graders from straight (for leveling, landscaping and spreading) to fully angled for grading and crowning roads. This is the only grader that will gives you the ability to adjust the angle of the cutting assembly between full angled and straight to put more or less crown in a road.

Top Hitch Upgrades


 To accommodate the common use of “Quick Hitches”, the hydraulic adjustable top hitch is specially designed to have an open area above the top hole to allow a quick hitch the ability to hook to our graders without being obstructed. Also, the top hitch has to be perfectly aligned with the lift arm lugs to allow the top hitch the ability to be hydraulically adjustable without binding. There are two holes in the top hitch which are to accommodate either a standard hitch or a quick hitch. There is a heavy duty sleeve welded inside the top hitch which also has a grease fitting. The top hitch is bolted to the grader using a Grade 8, 1” x 6” bolt and a locking nut.

Hydraulic Top Hitch Installed


Sturdy Back

Bar Installed

To make this grader a “Fixed Top Hitch” at any time, a sturdy back bar can be included when you purchase any grader with a hydraulic top hitch. This bar will stay mounted out of the way on the outside of the side pan when not in use. The sturdy back bar will take the place of the hydraulic cylinder which adjusts the top hitch when there is a lack of hydraulic ports on the tractor in use or if there are problems with the hydraulic system or components.

Sturdy Back

Bar Mounted for Storage.



While grading a road, you can make adjustments while grading to compensate for different type materials and moisture content. If material begins to build up in the grader, slightly bump the hydraulic top hitch lever back to place less pressure on the front cutting edge and more pressure on the rear cutting edge. Also, if there are grass and other debris on the road surface, you can adjust while grading to only let the back cutting edge cut and skim off the top layer. You then make another pass with both cutting edges cutting.


Using the Hydraulic Top Hitch to fix large pothole, ruts and wash outs in road surfaces or to move material


If you see a large hole, rut or wash out in your road ahead as you are grading, slightly push forward on the lever and put more pressure on the front cutting edge. This changes the pitch of the cutting edges closer to a 90 degree and will fill the grader with material. As you get to the desired place in the road, put pressure on the back cutting edge to allow material to begin flowing out. Also, lift the grader slightly off the road surface with your lift arm control lever and let the material fill in the hole. Continue to lift the unit slowly until all material has left the grader and then stop the tractor. Put the tractor in reverse and back up letting the grader down slowly. This is called “Back Dragging” and will compact and smooth the loose material you just let out of the grader. After you complete this step, you may want to grade this section of road one more time if needed.




If you have a large pile of material to spread, back into the material with the rear of the grader fully up (cylinder fully closed) and once into the material, let down on the lift arms and then slowly let out on the top link cylinder but not too much and then pull forward. Once you knock down the pile of material, you can move it to the desired location by adjusting the hydraulic top hitch in so that the front cutting edge cuts harder and this will cause the grader to fill with material.

Rear Blade Upgrades

The rear blade upgrade comes in either free-floating, manually adjustable or hydraulic adjustable design. The rear blade serves to smooth and compact material as the grader is being pulled forward, but when the blade is being pushed it will cut and grade the road service, deposit the material into the mixing area of the grader where it will be further sifted and finally flow through and be relayed as a freshly graded road surface.

The Manual Adjustable rear blade provides the flexibility of choosing the cutting depth for the rear blade when it is being pushed. It also allows the rear blade to be adjusted to a level which allows for material to be pulled from a pile to the place the operator is working. It allows you to choose which depth you would like the graded and sifted material to flow through giving you greater control of the material. This is very useful when dealing with roads that are in poor shape because of ruts and potholes.

Hydraulic Adjustable Rear Blade

The hydraulic adjustable rear blade does everything the manual adjustable rear blade does but you have complete control of these operations from the hydraulic switch inside the cab of the tractor.

Manual Adjustable Rear Blade

The free floating rear blade comes with a set of pins where you can lift the rear blade and pin it up, out of the way of standard grader operation. When it is not pinned and the grader is being pulled the weight of the free floating rear blade serves to smooth and compact the grade. When the tractor is put in reverse the rear blade locks in place from the pressure of the material being graded. The free floating rear blade is deigned to cut only at one depth once it locks in place.

Free Floating 

Rear Blade

Manual/Hydraulic Rear Blade Storage

Finally, If you choose the EX rear blade upgrade you will have manual and hydraulic connections to your rear blade. Both the manual control stick and the Hydraulic tube which controls the rear blade have storage bracing on the unit, so you do not have to worry about losing any part of your GRADE-MAX unit.

*The Rear Blade Upgrade in this section is only available on our GRADE-MAX line. Our SKID-MAX PRO line has additional rear blade options but they are not pictured here.

Reversable Skid Shoes 


Skid Shoes

Skid Shoes

Every Adjustable Grader comes standard with the reversible skid shoes. If you choose a Fixed model you can choose the reversible skid shoe upgrade. Over time the front end of the unit skid shoes will tend to wear. This is because the highest point of pressure on the unit as it grades is the front edge of the Skid Shoes. With this upgrade, if your skid shoes wear down to the point that they are affecting operations simply lift the unit, unbolt the Skid Shoes turn them around and bolt them back up. This can provide you with years of further operation depending on the amount of work you do with your unit. If you wear down both edges of the skid shoes, contact seal built and we will give you a great price on a brand new set.


Skid Shoes

Scarifie Teeth

Added Bite

For the most demanding cutting operations with offer a Scarifier Teeth Upgrade. Outfitting your GRADE-MAX or SKID-MAX PRO with the additional bite of Scarifier Teeth will destroy all resistance when it comes to even the hardest material, Limestone, Clay Gravel, Highly trafficked dirt, clay, gravel roads of all kinds, will have no choice but to submit to the supreme cutting power of this Up-grade.

*Be aware Scarifier teeth on a cookie cutter grader that is made of the light gauge metal, with the least material possible, for a larger profit margin, is simply an attempt to compensate for poor engineering and a lack of grader efficiency.