SKID-MAX  Road Graders  • Spreader Graders

Our SKID-MAX Series is the heaviest, most durable, most versatile skid steer grader on the market. No matter which model you choose our quality surpasses all competition. Our SKID-MAX 3X Series is the perfect attachment for spreading, leveling, landscaping, installing house pads, grading parking areas and even road building. You can spread, level and grade 3 to 4 times faster with our 3X Series when compared to your skid steer’s bucket. They amaze contractors on how hard they cut. One contractor said his buck could not cut the compacted clay gravel on his jobsite especially where the cement trucks would drive over and his 100hp Kubota Skid Steer would even jerk and stall as he tried cutting into this clay gravel but with our 3X, he piled up about a 3 and a half foot tall by 6 foot wide pile of this hard clay gravel in about a 7 to 8 foot pass.


Our SKID-MAX PRO Series is perfect for around the Home, Farm, Ranch Or Construction Site and are available in 2, 3 or 4 blade models and in either Fix (Angled or Straight), Manual Adjustable or Hydraulic Adjustable.

All SKID-MAX Graders use Caterpillar cutting edges, for maximum cutting and rolling action. The combination of thicker gage steel, curved cutting edges, and perfect blade pitch (discovered though years of Heritage and Experience) causes SKID-MAX Graders to reclaim, sift, and relay your previously purchased gravel or aggregate, leaving a fresh smooth road surface without the cost of additional rock. We don't cut cost to drive up profit margins, we cut quality roads and stand on our reputation to gain the business of people like you!

SKID-MAX 3X  Series

The 3X is 3 blade fixed straight or fixed angled skid steer grader/spreader.

Perfect for: Road Grading, Spreading, Leveling, Grading Parking Areas, Installing House Pads, Landscaping and much more.


If the grader is tilted slightly forward, material will not flow thru the grader which allows you to move material as you need to or tilt back and material flows thru to level and grade. These graders will cut the hardest material and will level uneven material quickly.

These graders will resurface buried gravel and aggregates. When compared to using the skid steer bucket to spread, grade and level, you will be very amazed at how fast and easy you can get the job done with our SKID-MAX Grader! The tracks help keep the grader level and the side pans keep material contained to a specific width.


The PRO is a 2, 3, or 4 blade, fixed, manual adjustable or hyraulic ajustable skid steer grader/spreader.

Perfect for: Road Grading, Spreading, Leveling, Grading Parking Areas, Farm, Ranch, State Park, Hunting Lease, Wildlife and Forrestry Road Maintenance. State and Federal Govenment, Large Scale Construction, Industial Plant Landscaping, and Much More.


Our SKID-MAX PRO line of skid steer graders are designed for road grading applications in which the cutting assembly will need to be "Angled" for building and maintain crown. Its full size side pans and rear cross member allows for a Fixed Angled or Manually Adjustable or Hydraulically Adjustable cutting edge assemblies. Either of the adjustable models allows the operator to go from spreading/leveling to grading and crowning. Manual Adjustable blades are adjusted by the removal of two bolts and then sliding the angles to the desired position and then replacing the bolts. Hydraulic adjustable graders are adjusted from the operator's seat using the skid steer's hydraulics. *Note* Hydraulic Adjustable SKID-MAX Graders are approx 13" wider than their listed size when the cutting assembly is fully angled ( a SMP-3HA-84 is actually 97" wide). Manual Adjustable SKID-MAX Graders are approx 10" wider than their listed size when in the angled position.


SKID-MAX PRO-2 Blade Series Does everything the standard GRADE-MAX HD Grader can do but with the advantage of grading in front of you, in plain view, rather than pulling the grader behind you. The PRO-FXS2 is a Fixed Straight 2 Blade Grader, The PRO-FXA2 is a Fixed Angled 2 Blade Grader, The PRO-MA2 is a Manually Adjustable 2 Blade Grader, and the PRO-HA2 is a Hydraulic Adjustable 2 Blade Grader. The PRO-2 Series can be pulled to smooth the Skid Steer Tracks.


The SKID-MAX PRO-3 Blade Series Gives you the Versatility to grade going forward or Backwards. When Pulling the Grader the material flows under the front blade assembly, smoothing and compacting the material and removing the skid steer tracks. the SMP-3FS is a Fixed Straight 3 Blade Grader. The SMP-3FA is a Fixed Angled 3 Blade Grader, The SMP-3MA is a Manual Adjustable 3 Blade Grader, and The SMP-3HA is a Hydraulic Adjustable 3 Blade Grader


The combination of CAT Cutting Edges, Precise Pitch, Manual or Hydraulic Adjustable Cutting Edge Assemblies, The Versatility of our full line of UP-GRADES, all working while pushing or pulling the SKID-MAX PRO4 Series makes it the Highest Quality most versatile Skid Steer Grader in the Industry! The SKID-MAX PRO-FXS4  is a Fixed Straight 4 Blade Model, The PRO-FXA4 is a Fixed Angled 4 Blade Model, The PRO-MA4 is a Manual Adjustable 4 Blade Grader, and The PRO-HA4 is a Hydraulic Adjustable 4 Blade Grader. 

Every Adjustable SKID-MAX Grader comes with heavy-duty 1.5" thick, reversible, replaceable skid shoes!
Choosing Your Model

Choosing which Model and Size SKID-MAX  Grader! Consider the Horse Power of Your Skid Steer and the type of work you wish to do. For contractors, nurseries, sod companies, fence companies, pool companies, construction companies, landscapers and others which has a need to spread, level, landscape and grade in tight locations, the 3X model would be the number one choice. If you have the need of grading roads and driveways, you will need a grader with an angled cutting assembly to build and maintain crown and you would want a Pro Series SKID-MAX. The PRO Series requires a little more horsepower than than the 3X Series.

3X Models

SM3X-3FS “3 Blade Fixed Angled

PRO Fixed Models

SMP-2FA  “2 Blade Fixed Angled”

SMP-2FS  “2 Blade Fixed Straight” 

PRO Adjustable Models

SMP-2MA  “2 Blade Manual Adjustable”

SMP-3MA  “3 Blade Manual Adjustable” 

SMP-4MA  “4 Blade Manual Adjustable” 

SMP-3FA  “3 Blade Fixed Angled”

SMP-3FS  “3 Blade Fixed Straight” 

SMP-2HA  “2 Blade Hydraulic Adjustable”

SMP-3HA  “3 Blade Hydraulic Adjustable” 

SMP-4HA  “4 Blade Hydraulic Adjustable” 

SMP-4FA  “4 Blade Fixed Angled”

SMP-4FS  “4 Blade Fixed Straight” 

 All SKID-MAX Graders includes bucket stops which allows you to transport your bucket with ease.