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GRADE-MAX  Road Graders  • Spreader Graders

Grader, Road Grader, Motor Grader, Spreader Grader, Gravel, Dirt, Clay, Tractor, Skid Steer

Our GRADE-MAX Series is the heaviest, most durable, most versatile pull behind grader on the market. No matter which model you choose our quality surpasses all competition. Our MD Series (Medium Duty) is perfect for around the Home, Farm or Gravel Drive.

While Our HD Series (Heavy Duty Industrial) Can tackle needs for your larger Farm, Ranch, Hunting Lease, Dirt Track, Or Construction Site. For Government and Large Scale Business we present our EX Series (Extreme Industrial). This Blade will out produce any Motor Grader for about 1/20th the Cost! All GRADE-MAX  Graders use Caterpillar Motor Grader Cutting Edges, engineered specifically for road grading and for maximum cutting and rolling action. The combination of thicker gage steel, highest side pans in the industry on all models, curved cutting edges, and perfect blade pitch (discovered though years of Heritage and Experience) causes GRADE-MAX  Graders to cut harder, resurface more aggregates, grade quicker and leave you with better results and a longer lasting grade.

MD Series
Grader, Road Grader, Motor Grader, Spreader Grader, Gravel, Dirt, Clay, Tractor, Skid Steer
Our MD-Series (Medium Duty) is engineered for use with Compact Tractors (20-40HP)

As the compact tractor market has exploded over the past several decades, there was a great need to design a twin blade grader which could utilize every single horsepower of these smaller tractors while still being light enough to be lifted when full of material.

GRADE-MAX  has met this need with our MD Series.


With their 13” tall by 48” long sides, these “downscaled” graders are not “downgraded” and will still out-grade the competition.

Perfect for Driveways, Small Ranch and Farm Maintenance, Small Business Use, Residential Work. Small Gravel Parking Area Maintenance!
MD Series
Required Horsepower
Sizes 4' to 7' 
HD Series
Required Horsepower
Sizes 5'-16'
EXHD Series
Required Horsepower
60HP and up
Sizes 8' to 16' 
HD Series
Grader, Road Grader, Motor Grader, Spreader Grader, Gravel, Dirt, Clay, Tractor, Skid Steer
Our HD-Series (Heavy Duty Industrial) is engineered for use with mid to full size Tractors (45HP- 160HP)
The next step in the line of Seal Built Heritage, the GRADE-MAX HD Series engineering and design has its roots in the first ever patented pull style grader, the Byonic Blayde! High gauge steel, cat cutting edges with a curved design (produces a better grade) combine for the highest weight per cutting inch ratio in the Industry! This is where the "Steel meets the Road" and grade quality, grader efficiency, and grader durability is determined! Couple these facts with our line of versatile and powerful UP-GRADES and you have the most effective, diverse, and functional line of Graders in the Industry.
​Unsurpassed in quality, the GRADE-MAX HD Series grader delivers awesome results for Commercial Farms/Ranches, High Volume Traffic Dirt, Gravel or Unpaved Road Maintenance, Hunting Lease Maintenance, Local Government Agencies, Parks and Services, Wildlife and Fisheries, Department of Transportation, Dirt Track Maintenance, Contractors, and all other customers with needs in moderate to heavy road grading, leveling, spreading, and landscaping.
Just to seal the deal, we can custom paint your grader with high quality PPG paint, to match your equipment!
Our EX-Series is the Champion of the GRADE-MAX Line and we dare say of the Pull Type Grader Industry.  For Full Size Tractors (65HP and up)
As we strive to push the Limits of Engineering, Design, Cutting Power, Efficiency, and Legacy we present: The GRADE-MAX EX Series (Extreme Industrial) This Grader breaks the mold! There is no resistance when it comes to this grader's ability to break up sift and relay the hardest and most compacted of road surfaces. Compacted Limestone, clay gravel, even aggregated industrial through-ways, traveled by heavy equipment, day in and day out, will yield to the cutting power of the GRADE-MAX EX Series
For Any Business or Organization that is considering a Motor Grader, we have you covered at about 1/20th the cost. Not only is the cost difference extreme but so are the results. Our Grader have twin cutting edges, which do twice the work in a single pass, create an area where the rolled material is sifted and mixed causing compacted rock/aggregate to rise to the surface, and leave behind a smooth and manicured road surface!
You need to see GRADE-MAX EX in Action before you by a Motor-grader!
If it sounds to good to be true, check this out! We can even custom paint your EX Grader, with high quality PPG paint, to match your current equipment!
HDX Series
Grader, Road Grader, Motor Grader, Spreader Grader, Gravel, Dirt, Clay, Tractor, Skid Steer
Cutting Edge Assembly
Every GRADE-MAX Grader is available with either Fixed, Manually Adjustable or Hydraulic Adjustable Cutting Assemblies. Adjustable Cutting Assemblies gives you the best of two graders in one; Angled, for grading and crowning roads and Straight, for spreading, leveling, landscaping, and grading parking areas.

Cutting Assembly Configuration determines whether your grader is optimized for leveling and spreading, or for road grading and crowning. The most common cause of unpaved road failure is due to lack of crown. Crown on a road is similar to a roof on a house, water is shed off the road before it has chance to penetrate the road base. As material flows thru an Angled Cutting Assembly, it is channeled from the shoulder of the road towards the center of the road building sufficient slope to divert water from the road surface and into the ditches.

Fixed Angle
Grader, Road Grader, Motor Grader, Spreader Grader, Gravel, Dirt, Clay, Tractor, Skid Steer

Our standard Grader comes with fixed cutting assemblies. If you know for certain your grader will be for spreading and leveling, a straight blade model will suffice, but if you will be mainly grading roads you would want a fixed angled cutting assembly. Fixed models are available in either Fixed Angled for grading and crowning roads, or Fixed Straight for spreading, leveling, landscaping and grading parking areas. 

Manual Adjustable

Our Manual Adjustable Grader provides you the option to manually adjust the cutting assembly to either straight or angled by simply removing two bolts from the right side and then line up the holes and replace the bolts. Manual Adjustable models actually have the most configurations for cutting assemblies. Both can be straight for leveling, landscaping, spreading and grading parking areas. Both can be angled for grading and crowning roads. The front can be angled and the back straight for cutting and leveling hard material and grass covered material (the front blade being angled slices thru material easier than a straight blade).  Or, you can remove the back cuttin assembly and turn it around and bolt it back in so that it will back drag, smooth and compact loose or wet material. 

Grader, Road Grader, Motor Grader, Spreader Grader, Gravel, Dirt, Clay, Tractor, Skid Steer
Hydraulic Adjustable

Our Hydraulic Adjustable grader allows the operator to adjust the cutting assembly from their seat using the tractor’s external hydraulics. You can adjust these graders from straight (for leveling, landscaping and spreading) to fully angled for grading and crowning roads. This is the only grader that will gives you the ability to adjust the angle of the cutting assembly between full angled and straight to put more or less crown in a road.

Every Adjustable GRADE-MAX Grader comes with heavy-duty 1.5" thick, reversible, replaceable skid shoes!
Choosing Your Model

Choosing which Model GRADE-MAX  Grader you need is Simple! Consider the Horse Power of Your Tractor (MD Models 20-40 Horse Power, HD Models 45-160 Horse Power, and EX Models* 60 Horse Power and Up) and the Demands you wish to put on your Grader.  If you only need your grader for grading roads, a FX (Fixed) angled blade is fine or if you are simply looking for a grader to level or spread material a FX (Fixed) straight blade will do. If you want the Option to Grade roads, or to spread material but you are looking to save a little money in manufacturing cost a MA (Manual Adjustable) Model is Exactly what you are looking for. If however you will be moving material, leveling, spreading and grading roads and drives and would rather hit a hydraulic switch from your Tractor seat and keep going, the HA (Hydraulic Adjustable) model is what your need.

MD-FX  “Medium Duty Fixed”

MD-MA  “Medium Duty Manual Adjustable”

MD-HA  “Medium Duty Hydraulic Adjustable”

HD-FX  “Heavy Duty Fixed”

HD-MA  “Heavu Duty Manual Adjustable” 

HD-HA  “Heavy Duty Hydraulic Adjustable” 

EX-FX  “Extreme Duty Fixed”

EX-MA  “Extreme Duty Manual Adjustable”

EX-HA  “Extreme Duty Hydraulic Adjustable” 

*EX Models are designed for extreme industrial and commercial use. When you have the available horsepower and the need to routinely maintain very hard roads and parking areas, you will need to go to the EXTREME! Sides are 24” tall by 60” in length (on 6 to 8 footers and 72” on 9 footers and up). All sizes have 5” x 1/4" wall square tubing cross members and torque bars. The 6 , 7 & 8 footers have 5/8” x 6” x 4” blade holders which make up the cutting assemblies and the 9 footers on up have 3/4" x 6” x 4” blade holders. Plus other “Beefed Up” components.

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