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So, You are on the Road
to a New Grader!

Why Should you buy a GRADE-MAX or SKID-MAX  grader from

 So you are on the road to a new grader! Why buy a grader from Seal Built? What sets us apart? First, and most important you need to know our late grandfather, J.C. Seal held the very first patent on these graders back in 1985 but actually began building them in the late 70’s. He called his twin blade grader the “Byonic Blayde” and his company was called “Seal Manufacturing”. We have the “GRADE-MAX” Grader and our company is “Seal Built”. Also, it was our father which brought us the adjustable graders and he has held several patents on the twin blade grader as well. Designing and building graders has been a part of our heritage and bloodline for three generations now and no one in the industry has our level of experience and knowledge concerning grader manufacturing. The minds at Seal Built. llc. have been at the forefront of the innovation of this industry since its conception in the late 70's, facing every new design challenge with the technological edge of CAD (Computer Aided Design). Our graders are engineered with precise detail, to render specific results! We do not built blades simply for profit, we built blades as a part of Legacy! This being so, every blade we build is shaped by each individual customer's needs, leading to unsurpassed customer service. Someone who understands all of our options and how those options apply to your specific situation and current equipment will speak directly to you and help you make decisions regarding the most effective grader for your needs. Next, our understanding of the technology has lead us to build the heaviest, and most effective graders on the market! When it comes to graders nothing says quality like weight, design, adjustability and customization. Seal Built llc. is unsurpassed in these areas, offering the largest line of fully customizable graders on the market. Our graders are not cookie cutter pieces of equipment designed for low production cost and high profit margins! Each grader is made to be a masterpiece for the specific customer we are building. Our Legacy is on the line and our Heritage demands; we will produce the highest quality grader for your needs at a competitive price, guaranteed!
We Have Come Along Way!
Original Byonic Blayde

   From the original twin blade flow through design of the Byonic Blayde, we've developed GRADE-MAX  & SKID-MAX! Both are fully customizable, with features like, manual or hydraulic adjustable cutting assemblies, which allows the customer to have a two-in one grader which can be adjusted from Angled (for grading and crowning roads) to Straight (for leveling, spreading, landscaping and grading parking areas). Hydraulic ajustable top hitch, optional scarifie teeth for extra bite, rear blade assembly designed to smooth and compact material, rear gate which contains material within the frame of the grader: all these options coupled with reversible and replaceable skid shoes and available sturdy back bar for increased durabilty, makes GRADE-MAX and SKID-MAX the number one grader option on the market today!

GRADE-MAX  with Hydraulic Top Hitch and Hydraulic Adjustable Blade Angles
SKID-MAX  with Four Blades for Pushing & Pulling Applications & Hydraulic Adjustable Blade Angles

Resurfaces Buried Gravel/Aggregate.

Produces Smooth Uniform Grade Surface

Pays for itself by Eliminating Cost of Additional Gravel. 

Operates at a Fraction of the Cost of Motor Graders


Low Maintenance Cost

Requires Very Little Operator Experience

Custom Designed with your Equipment and Needs in Mind!